• 4 chocolate discs individually packed (easy to share)
  • A tasty crispy snack full of flavour
  • Perfect combination of chocolate and the additions.
  • Very reasonable price
  • Each package contains a free surprise (a 3D Craft) of ChocoFox and KandiCat’s adventures
  • You can choose between 5 different flavours: rum raisin, crispy peanuts, milk and chocolate, milk with cranberry, and blackberry with cranberry.
Target market: kids
Shelf life: 12 months
Availability: whole year
Bar box dimensions: L53 x W8 x H145 mm
Inner dimensions: L145 x W196 x H81 mm
Master box: L300 x W496 x H217 mm
Units per inner: 7862124520078
Units per inner: 24 (4 disc-packs)
Units per Master box: (12 inners) (288 4 disc-packs)
Master box per pallets: 72
Units per pallet: 20736 bars
Pallet height: 82 in (208,30 cm)
Pallet gross weigth: 1560.21 lbs (707.7 Kg)
Suggested retail price: 65c to 75 c