Artisan chocolates are made by highly-skilled people mostly using  chocolate that they haven´t made a couverture – chocolate  that is melted, tempered and then formed into various shapes ,filled chocolate or adding flavors to make chocolate bars. a micro-batch or chocolate made at a small scale is produced from  the cocoa bean; completing the entire chocolate making process from roasting the beans, winnowing, milling, pressing, conching, tempering,  once the chocolate is read it is time to transfer into moulds then ready for packaging. a work of art.

Artisan chocolate  Artisan chocolate is made by  a chocolate maker who possesses the knowledge  care and patience that goes into producing chocolate  who is then referred to as an artisan. Chocolate can only be classed as artisanal If there is an artisan at the company, 

Cacao The cacao tree, Theobroma  the fruit  and seeds that is produced,are picked Then fermented Cacao seeds are then dried  out which is when they are  referred to as “cocoa” beans.

Chocolate Maker are companies who produce chocolate in small batches from using fermented and dried cocoa beans.

Chocolate Manufacturers are large companies who produce a broad range of chocolate products at high volumes from dried cocoa beans.

Chocolatier – Mainly described as someone who uses fine chocolate produced by the chocolate manufacturers to create their own unique chocolate products for confectionery.

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