The benefits of eating dark chocolate

It’s good for the heart and circulation

Dark chocolate is not only good for your heart and circulation,but it can also restore flexibility to arteries while also preventing white blood cells from sticking to the walls of blood vessels – which in medical terms causes common artery clogging. 

A  risk of having a stroke is reduced

A test was carried out in   Finland  showing that by consuming chocolate actually lowers the risk of having a stroke  by 17 per cent

The  Dark rich chocolate is packed  full of beneficial minerals  potassium, zinc and selenium, and a 100g bar of dark (70 per cent or more) choc provides 67 per cent of the RDA of iron.

 Cholesterol levels are reduced

Consuming cocoa has been proved to lower the risk of cd cardiovascular disease by raising the levels of good cholesterol and reducing the bad cholesterol.

Other benefits it can have on you are

Protecting your skin

The flavonols in dark chocolate can help protect your skin from sun damage it is not advised to solely rely on this but it does help.

weight loss

Just a small square of good chocolate  melted on to your tongue for 20 minutes prior to a meal  will trigger the hormones in your brain that tell you that you are full, reducing your food consumption. to avoid  snacking afterwards follow the same procedure.

Reducing stress in mothers and babies

 results of a study found that chocolate actually reduced stress levels in pregnant mothers , and as a result the babies seemed to smile more  than a baby from a  non-chocolate-eating mother

The possibility of preventing diabetes

 Dark chocolate consuming in moderation  has shown in recent studies to improve insulin sensitivity, thus delaying or preventing the onset of diabetes.

A brain food

As dark chocolate contains anti inflamatory  qualities it can help treat someone who has had concussion or other brain injuries Flavanols are also thought to reduce memory loss in  older people.

That feel good factor

The phenylethylamine , that is present in chocolate  is the same chemical that your brain creates when you feel like you’re top of the world or falling for someone. phenylethylamine encourages your brain to release these endorphins giving you that feel good factor.

The benefits are amazing, but the real thanks has to go to the chocolatiers who produce this wonderful chocolate, without them we would never have the pleasure.


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