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Yaal dark & milk chocolate: Presentations of a dozen 70g discs and 120g bars
Yaal brand is inspired by the inventors of chocolate, the Mayans. YAAL means “fertile”.
Yaal presents a range of natural products made with the best fine aroma cacao. Quality and innovation is our aim.
 Choco Soleil: Organic dark chocolate made with single origin fine aroma cacao
For Ecuador’s ancestral cultures, the sun was the supreme god because of the light and energy provided to their lands. It was a symbol of flourishing success and prosperity. Choco Soleil offers you a unique experience to discover and enjoy the range of flavors emanating from the cacao grown in each region of Ecuador. Our cocoa enriches its aroma from the influence of exotic flowers and tropical fruits that grow around it.
GCP Gourmet Chocolate Products: Couverture Dark Chocolate, 70% organic and 72% non-organic
GCP gourmet cocoa products has been specifically developed to meet the highest demands of chocolate professionals. We use only natural products without adding any essences, chemicals, or palm oil. We can customize the chocolate according to the chefs’ requirements.